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❖ Awaken The Heart NYE Venice


❖ Awaken The Heart NYE Venice – LA tribe, join us for this very special New Year’s Eve gathering for a celebration of inspiration and activation! If you are looking for party with a purpose on this sacred night, but still wanna get a lil turnt up, than we invite you to come be with us in Venice Beach! We’ll have cacao ceremony, intention setting, DJs, live music, sound healing, conscious vendors, vegan food & elixirs, and of course high vibes on the dance floor! Schedule and offerings below, limited pre-sale tickets for $22 avail now, $33 at the door…

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*** 6pm – Doors open with sage and palo santo blessing

*** 6:30pm – Cacao Ceremony sponsored by CACOCO lead by VAIDEHI (Goddess Moon Circle)

Vaidehi Amair is a lifetime yogi and kirtaniyah. Born in Caracas, Venezuela in a Bhakti Yoga Ashram, she has interacted with the ancient practice of Bhakti Yoga since she was a child, assimilating the wisdom from this early stage of life. She currently lives in Los Angeles where she hosts the Goddess Moon Circle, a women’s empowerment workshop following the monthly moon phases and astrology. As an aerial dance champion, she also teaches vinyasa and movement classes from her home. Vaidehi also leads cacao ceremonies, pranayama breath work, and interactive mantra classes at festivals and community gatherings. Guided with the intention of service, her vision is to inspire everyone’s innate connection with the divine through song, dance and spiritual practice.

*** 7:30pm – DJ set by SWAZERAZi

Swazerazi means “I am the secret.” The DJ alter ego of J Brave of the Luminaries offers a mixture of EDM, Bass, Trap, Hip Hop and World music flavors to get the crowd open on the dance floor. He seamlessly blends genres while captivating audiences with nostalgic sounds mixed with contemporary production. Every set is uniquely crafted to the moment, and from the night club to the festival stages, it’s all about making the people bounce and creating a heartfelt experience for everyone to captivate the participant’s spirit in a unique way! Swazerazi is a resident DJ and founder at the 5+ year running event the Luminous Movement and he is also a member of the production team for Ecstatic Dance LA. Stay in the loop and witness another great soul on the rise!

*** 8:30pm – SRIKALA

Emcee, Singer, DJ, producer, and percussionist. In live performance, Srikalogy uses Ableton Live to perform his original music, improvising live with Indian percussion and ambient vocals. His projects incorporate dub, hip hop, reggae, world beats, and sacred mantras. His mission is to uplift, open hearts, and move bodies.Growing up in the streets of Bedford Stuyvesant in Brooklyn, NYC, and being the son of West Indian parents, Srikala naturally gained a deep love for listening to and creating Hip Hop, R&B, dub, and reggae music. Influenced by his mother, who always had a variety of styles in the tape deck, his musical palette expanded as he aged, incorporating various styles of music such as rock, blues, pop and jazz. At the age of 18, life led him to set aside the world and live as a monk for 6 years, where he studied the science of transcendental sound vibration in the Bhakti tradition.

*** 9:30pm – LUMINARIES (acoustic set)

Formed in Venice Beach California, and immersed in one of the most culturally diverse communities in LA, arises the heart driven, and service orientated Hip Hop emissaries of peace, the Luminaries. From the underground parties in “Dogtown” to the biggest festival stages on the west coast, the Luminaries have now taken their message international and crowds everywhere sing along the anthem, “Peace Worldwide Starts From Inside!” Luminaries bring an amazing live show that’s reminiscent of the golden era of Hip Hop, fused with a soulful, electro, live band, funk filled experience! Luminaries create a soundscape of Hip Hop mantras inviting audiences to participate in the connectivity of one another while going ecstatic on the dance floor!

*** 10:30pm – ELIJAH RAY (live set)

Elijah Ray has become A PRODIGIOUS VOCALIST, COMPOSER, MULTI-INSTRUMENTALIST, AND RECORDING ARTIST. Elijah is known for his pioneering heart and transformational music that crosses an insanely wide variety of genres…from Acoustic Soul, Bumpin Funk, World Beat, Dance / Pop and Rock… to soul stirring Piano Ballads, Symphonic Soundtracks, and Shamanic, Sound Healing environments. His shining presence, gritty soul, and message of love invite the listener into an experience of what it is to be “in the BAND OF LIGHT’, and live a life as an embodied, awakening human. His spiritual messages of authenticity and the power of community have transformed audiences internationally, and many are calling his music the “soundtrack of the awakening.”

*** 11:30pm – Invocation & Intentions with ATASIEA (Ecstatic Dance LA)

Atasiea’s primary soul life purpose is to heal through sound & movement. His intention is to heal himself, and simultaneously assist all others to heal themselves as one. He has a practice called “Angelic Presence Healing” based in EchoPark LA, where he offers massage, energy healing, channelling, readings, and yoga instruction. As an intuitive healer he provides, physical, emotional, and psycho-spiritual support to people using sound, movement, bodywork, energy healing, spiritual guidance counseling, and ceremonial facilitation. Atasiea, (a.k.a. Kenneth Lawrence Ferguson) is a professional Healer, Actor, Dancer, Yogi, and Martial Artist. He is a certified Dancing Freedom Facilitator, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Instructor, Capoeira Angola instructor, Reiki Master, and Minister. He is the Co-Founder, and Resident Movement Instructor of Ecstatic Dance Los Angeles.

*** 12am – SoundLight Journey: Elijah Ray, using his voice, sacred instruments, and loop pedals, will create a live tapestry that transports the listener into a deep space of communion.


~ Kathmandu Boutique – Vegan Nepalese food + clothing, accesories, and adorments

~ CACOCO (sponsoring the Cacao Ceremony) – Traditionally inspired herbal drinking chocolate made from unroasted cacao. Organic, Vegan, Paleo, Non-GMO, Gluten, Soy & Dairy-free.

~ Anima Mundi Apothecary – We offer a wide variety of medicinal herbs presented as therapeutic extracts, formulations, teas, supplements and bulk herbs. Our product line is renowned for its high potency, well-crafted and fresh ingredients.

~ Aya Huaskent – Peruvian art, jewelry, and decor

~ Rhitrie Crystal & Art Boutique – Vendor of fine raw and polished crystals, handcrafted orgonite and handmade semi-precious stone jewelry for all your healing and metaphysical needs.

~ Starfire water – structured ORMUS performance “living” water is produced using 21st century quantum science, in harmony with today’s modern water technologies. Plus, amazing high vibe hats.

~ Magic is Real by Lizzie Rose – Tarot card readings by Lizzie, she is an energy healer, channel, and guide for your personal journey as well as a LightSchool teacher, and author of Eversees and the Magic Tree.

~ Divine Touch Massage and Energy Healing – Divine Touch Massage and Energy Healing specialises in mind, body and spirit well-being. Available for private sessions, events and gatherings.

~ Substantial Chocolate – powerful sustenance and flavors combine to make chocolates low on sweeteners and high on superfood.