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❖ J Brave’s Birthday Party with DJ Dragonfly | 6.22


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Peace & Blessings family, i hope you can join me and some of my closest family and friends as we rock out at the Luminous Movement for my birthday! I’d be so honored for you to come and please bring your homies! This event is open to the public and will be headlined by DJ DRAGONFLY, plus DJ sets from Swazearzi and Amore One. Thank you for celebrating this precious gift we call life with me, your attendance is the greatest present you can offer, much love! – J Brave

❖❖❖❖ INTENTION ❖❖❖❖

We are luminous beings having a human experience…. Join the Luminous Movement and be a part of this weekly community gathering every Wednesday intended to activate the human potential of who and what you truly are! Accompanied by the sounds of today’s most revered festival touring DJs and musicians, we also offer live painting, vendors, massage zone, and kombucha at the bar! Ignite your soul, connect with the tribe, and just like the ceremonies around the fire get open to the sounds of the drum. Through movement, music, and playful celebration, we encourage you to activate yo booty chakra and awaken on the dance floor!!! Weekly resident DJs Swazerazi, Amore One, and DJ Mahali. Hosted by J Brave of the Luminaries and presented by Lu Fam Pro



DJing is about trust…and once the dancers understands that I understand the dancefloor, they experience a liberation of the self…a freeedom of expression, a place of surrender within which one connects with one’s highest self.

So as a DJ my job is to remain present – very present – in order to maintain this essential connection and essential awareness of nonduality. As a DJ there is no “me” and “them”, there is only a table full of equipment that separates me from the dancers; otherwise I am as much a part of the dancefloor and dancers as I am part of the music that’s coming through me.

Hailing from the West Coast and serving sound as one of the most sought after DJs in the festival scene, Dragonfly drops deep selections of EDMs traditional and emerging genres. From future/deep tech/deep house, glitch, trap, dub and global bass: Expect the unexpected; you’ll never hear the same set twice!

As a consummate crate-digger his days are spent down the rabbit-holes of sound, constantly discovering emerging talent and the hidden gems of sonic possibility. With an ear for the exotic and a background in movement arts, his approach is through the emotive keyhole of the psyche, while unlocking the heart of the dancefloor community. As a percussionist who’s adventured extensively throughout the near and far east, his mixes span all tempos and all genres of electronic dance music. His selections are drenched in global idioms, accented with tribal motifs, and interwoven with relentlessly intoxicating rhythm and groove.

Lightning in a Bottle, Symbiosis, Envision (Costa Rica), Enchanted Forest, Northern Nights, Lucidity, Earthdance, Burning Man, Stilldream, Manifest, Great Convergence (Egypt), Shambala (Canada), Beloved, Eclipse(Australia), Mystic Garden, Raindance Festival, Harmony Festival, Sonic Bloom, Wanderlust, Foreverland and many others…

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❖❖❖❖ VENDORS ❖❖❖❖


*Fine Gems & Crystals*



*Wire Wrapped Sacred Jewels*



*Secret Surprise*

Starfire Water & High Country Kombucha at the Bar!


Alexandria Barrett Massage

❖❖❖❖ TICKETS ❖❖❖❖

**** $5 beofore 10pm, $10 after 10pm

**** Doors 9pm – This event is 21+ / ID required for ALL who enter.

*** Would you like to receive mobile reminders to our events? TEXT: 1LOVE to 24587 (you will only get one txt a week)


*** Would you like to receive mobile reminders to our events? TEXT: 1LOVE to 24587 (you will only get one txt a week)





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