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❖ SOL RISING + ORPHIC | Luminous Movement 5.18 ❖


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༺♥༻ Bounce, rock, rollerskate! This is going to be an epic dance party of saucy proportions! Join us for another magical Wendesday as we welcome back SOL RISING and ORPHIC!!! Wow, what a combination of super high vibe dance music to get you ready for the Summer! Also on the bill wll be residner DJs Amore One and Swazerazi!! It’s only $5 before 10pm, and $10 after, be there to light it up with us luminous family!!! ༺♥༻
❖❖❖❖ INTENTION ❖❖❖❖
We are luminous beings having a human experience…. Join the Luminous Movement and be a part of this weekly community gathering every Wednesday intended to activate the human potential of who and what you truly are! Accompanied by the sounds of today’s most revered festival touring DJs and musicians, we also offer live painting, vendors, massage zone, and kombucha at the bar! Ignite your soul, connect with the tribe, and just like the ceremonies around the fire get open to the sounds of the drum. Through movement, music, and playful celebration, we encourage you to activate yo booty chakra and awaken on the dance floor!!! Weekly resident DJs Swazerazi, Amore One, and DJ Mahali. Hosted by J Brave of the Luminaries and presented by Lu Fam Pro
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On a mission to raise the planetary vibration through music, music producer & DJ, Brandon Au aka Sol Rising, is healing the world one ecstatic beat at a time. Brandon’s transformative, transcendental sound invites us on a journey to remember our true Nature—moving from fear to Love. As a conscious dance DJ, Sol Rising creates an alchemical musical journey to be experienced in body, mind, and spirit. He works with the energy behind the music, and listeners often report feeling “high” on the dance floor—activated by the elevated frequencies of the danceable DJ grooves. Sol Rising is carving a new genre of music that fuses many influences together. As a music producer, his extraordinary soundscapes inspire feelings of bliss and joy, which are reflected in his eclectic mix of hip-hop, funk, soul, reggae, and electronic global bass dance beats.
Orphic is a sonic wizard of groovy tunes that will take you on a magic carpet ride through space and time, from the funky roots and riffs of Motown to futuristic­sounding extraterrestrial interplanetary jams at an upbeat glitch hop tempo. Listening to this LA based producer’s music could perhaps be best explained by taking a submarine adventure into deep, uncharted ocean and sharing a heartfelt conversation with an incredibly eccentric octopus while listening to Stevie Wonder through a kaleidoscope. Orphic always brings the future funk, and his live performance is no exception, full of vintage guitar riffs and glitch elements with an extreme dose of hop. One couldn’t call him EDM exactly ­ at least not in the latest sense of that term’s meaning ­ as Orphic draws many influences from dance genres of the past and never follows a specific BPM formula. He’s one of those rare producers who combines old aesthetics to usher in a new era and is ironically from Detroit, a city famous for it’s dance floor moves. The insignia fits perfectly, since his music tends to split in many different genre fractals as you listen to it.
***SWAZERAZI (aka J Brave of the Luminaries)
*** AMORE ONE (aka Guido C. of the Luminaries)
*** MAHALI (Resident DJ)
❖❖❖❖ VENDORS ❖❖❖❖
* MOSTLY MINERALS (Gemstones and Crystals)
* MASSAGE by Evan Perman
at the bar!!!
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**** Doors 9pm, only $5 before 10pm, $10 after!!!
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* Every Wednesday at ZANZIBAR in Santa Monica – 1301 5th st.
* This event is 21+ / ID required for ALL who enter.
* Street parking is FREE after 9pm, but spaces are limited. There are also pay lots across the street, and on 4th & 5th st as well.
*** Would you like to receive mobile reminders to our events? TEXT: 1LOVE to 24587 (you will only get one txt a week)
*** For vending, or live painting opportunities email Sabrina vedete: