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Guido Corleone

Amore One is the embodiment of love in all it’s permutations and manifestations.  Born Chris Devcich, and commonly known to the hip-hop community as Guido Corleone, Amore has been hard at work in the game for the past decade-plus, merging his creative endeavors, revolutionary spirit, and amorous light-work with the Luminaries family.  Whether standing on the frontlines alongside fellow Luminary J Brave, leading the struggle to save the world’s largest community farm, The South Central Farm; or hustling CDs outside of your favorite rapper’s favorite venue; or traveling vast distances to build with indigenous communities, in ceremony, on reservations and on the line of nuclear test facilities, Amore’s heart is as big as a lion’s, and his spirit knows no limits.  Founder and head of the indie hip-hop label Bell Rang Records, his debut solo release “A Day in the Life…” (2006) exhibits his passion for life, his dynamic, visual wordplay and gritty, mood-invoking production-style, and proved that love songs do have a place in the LA hip-hop scene and no one is untouchable.  He is currently in production of his (long-overdue) sophomore album, “Love and War: Music for the Heartbroken Revolutionary”, a historical documentation of his process of love, war, peace, revolution, evolution, and yes… more heartbreak, only to find that, “light finds a way out of the darkness…”  Stay tuned, true believers… We have yet to see the end of Amore One…

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