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Aug. 7th – Honoring The Goddess / Luminous Movement


Welcome family, we invite you to this sacred dance celebration of the divine feminine in honor of Mother Gaia, and all her manifestations. 

This night will be guided by the energy of some amazing high vibrational and empowered women who have chosen to bring forth their gifts with the intention of love, healing, awakening, and light…. Come dance, celebrate, and activate yo booty chakra!


~ SHYLAH RAY SUNSHINE (Full Band Experience) 

Shylah Ray Sunshine, born and raised in Canada, blessed with the gift of voice, musical rhythm, heart and soul… Shylah began performing karaoke songs in local pubs and although underage, had a large fan base. She found Venice Beach, California years later and quickly got recognized as an artist, landing her first music gig playing with the Venice Beach Drum Orchestra and joined the band Cipes and the People in 2005. In late 2008, Shylah began teaching herself piano and writing full songs inspired by her spiritual path. Since then, has written over 2 albums worth of inspirational songs with spiritual content and is working currently on releasing her first debut album. Shylah’s music is truly heart-centered and is shared with people all over the continent. She has large fan bases in the Los Angeles area, Northern California, West Coast and Canada. Shylah and her band will be performing at music festivals, local events and private parties every spring to fall. She performs in a wide range of music from Hip Hop, Soul and RnB, to Reggae and Kirtan.


A New York native and East Bay transplant, this self-taught guitarist and soulful songstress evokes listeners on a deep, soul level. Her sound is a mix of rhythmic, funky finger picking and string slapping, guttural blues belts and quick lyrical flow with insidious phrasing. Original Female Singer/Songwriter has an ecclectic style fusion of funk, folk-rock, gospel and neo-soul. MAMA CROW plays a VARIETY of shows- From live roots music with acoustic instruments to 6-piece live funk band. from intimate sola performances to harmonious creative collaborations with electronic, dub-step, down tempo and hip-hop. Always singing a mix of all original lyrics and on the spot free style.


Born into a big beautiful family as Rebekah Lynn, Water allowed herself to begin being called by Water at the 2009 rainbow gathering. Partly due to the way she freestyle flows, partly due to her love and desire to bring more awareness to the element water.She picked up the guitar at age 18 after a spiritual awakening induced by LSD, Bob Marley and Jesus Christ, and started singing in the spirit, in devotion of the Great Mystery reveling in the presence that would come. Eventually, with the influence of living in the bay area, hip hop hit her heart and the spoken word scene blew her mind and now at 32, and active in the art for about 8 yrs she is confident that the meditaions of her heart will flow from her mouth. She currently performs with an RC 50 loop pedal, beat boxing percussion,and layering angelic vocals and guitar rhythms. She still writes songs that range from topics of love to guerilla warfare but prefers to freestyle because their is a unified web of conciousness and when she tunes in to her audiences, sometimes even asking for subjects they want to hear about, she finds with the tools of word, sound and complete trust and surrender she is participating in crystalizing this unified web by way of interpreting what she is channeling assisting in bringing all present into the unified state of conciousness. One heart, One mind, One love!


DJ Mixtress Hava is joining with the goddesses for this special night all the way from magnificent Sedona, AZ. She’s packing the mixer, plenty of red rock magic and a major dose of cinematic, mind-altering, spirit-raising, funkified melodies and soul-grazing bass, sure to set hips and heart afire! Don’t be surprised to find her shakin’ it next to you on the dancefloor

(Tribal Convergence / Awaken)

Each one of us is born with innate capacity to be a leader~ to boldly step forward into the uncharted territory of life and blaze trails into the future. As we redefine what leadership means in new paradigm thinking, we expand the realm of possibilities for living our passion and realizing our goals. Join Jamaica Jai Ma Stevens, Creator of Tribal Convergence and Co-Founder of Convergence Network.

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