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Ben “Jammin” Davis

Benjamin Davis grew up learning classical piano and watching lots of Warner Bros. cartoons. In his youth he became fascinated with all forms of music and was inspired to compose and perform original music. Benjamin has earned playing style as diverse as Reggae, Funk, Metal, Electronic Dance, Modern Classical and New Age.

After graduating from Rutgers University with a BA in Music and Political Science, Benjamin developed a disciplined regimen of composing, performing and touring with the band “Piece of Wood”. “Piece of Wood” was a prototype electronica- thrash hybrid which was known for it’s innovative use of sampling with layers of synthesizers accompanied by massive multi-media video performances.

Benjamin’s intuition for combining high-tech, state of the art digital equipment with his meticulously memorized classical training is his life’s passion. Since moving to Los Angeles in 1994, Benjamin has been a working musician. As a composer, producer, engineer and studio musician, Ben has always made every project which he touches special.

Benjamin formed his company Ben Audio to serve as an audio boutique for film, television, and interactive media. Based in Venice Beach, California Ben Audio has the added advantage of having an amazing talent pool of world renowned musicians which Ben regularly employs for his session work. Ben Audio gets to play with the masters of many styles while Ben masters at the console.
The friendly atmosphere and client-centric approach at Ben Audio ensures that your deadlines are Ben’s deadlines. Benjamin Davis has earned a reputation among his clients for delivering his music compositions, on time, on budget, and with amazing creativity.Ben Audio clients include: AIS Insurance, Washington Mutual, Cartoon Network, National Lampoon, Matchbox Toys, Zinc Clothing, Gaiam and Kober Post Production.

Ben currently plays keys for Luminaries, and acts as an Executive Director under the Lu Fam Pro emblem. For production, or composer services you can reach him at