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Universal Love!!! Freewill is an artist in action. As a member of the Luminaries collective Free has committed himself to being the best Artist he can be. Vibrating with infinite spirit is the truest way to describe this brotha. Free is currently working on his first album that is almost done ” FREE THOUGHT” . Most of the music on the Album was produced by MYKA9. Expect Dope Beats, Conscious word play, Variety, Positivity and Relativity. This Music is for The PEOPLE!!!

“I’m growing and learning what it truly means to be Happy. I get to help people and make music! I am so Thankful for life and I say yes to being a universal child of Light. I truly believe that I was placed on this earth to bring people together. I love asking the question who are you? I dont really care what you do, Im interested in your spirit! We are all reflections of each other, so what can you teach me!” – Free(w)ill

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