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Joey Mendelsohn

Joey founded EcoUsable® in 2007 with a dream and a clear crystal vision to make the world a better place to live, by improving the planet through the grass roots marketing of eco-friendly products. Joey’s extensive market research exposed the plastic water bottle crisis and led to the design, testing and development of the Water Wrapz™, the new fun way to drink and identify one’s water bottle. Determined to offer the healthiest option possible and replace single use plastic water bottles completely, the EcoUsable® stainless steel water bottle was born.
After pioneering the world’s 1st FILTERED stainless steel water bottle, Joey was honored as “Environmental Entrepreneur of The Year for 2008” by the Bank of Manhattan Beach, CA. His past experience in the music and printing industry and as CEO of EcoUsable® has led to his vast knowledge and understanding of planet-friendly solutions for individuals, corporations and communities worldwide. Joey’s experience as an entrepreneur and his passion to spread social consciousness and peace led to the formation of Eco Joe as personality of Luminous TV. Eco Joe has been supporting Lu Fam Pro for the past 2 1/2 years. You can catch him in upcoming episodes of LuminousTV capturing the conscious music scene, the green movement, and the expanding Venetian culture. Coming soon!!