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Konscious Studios

Located in beautiful Santa Monica, CA, Konscious Studios offers professional, commercial quality audio services.

We are an independently run recording studio, with positive intentions and great expectations for the entertainment industry.

We realize that music and film are both powerful mediums for expressing personal experiences, and ideas which reach not only their respective industries, but the world at large.

Our intention is to help artists, producers, record labels, and filmmakers to create products with high commercial value, while retaining a conscious understanding of how those products effect the intended audience.

We take full pleasure in helping to make your vision a reality.




Daniel “Konscious” Krieger

Founder, in-house producer at Konscious Studios, and C.O.O. of Lu Fam Pro, Daniel has been working as a recording / performance guitarist & pianist since ‘01.  “Konscious” studied Classical Theory at UCSC, and later earned his BA in Jazz Guitar Studies at Capilano College.  His classical background on Piano prepared him for his latest project, “Luminaries”, the Venice Beach based 7-piece HipHop / Rock Band who just finished recording their debut album “ONE” at the studio .  He has also been recording and performing as the Lead Guitarist for the singer songwriter Clayton Joseph Scott.

Konscious has been collaborating with various singer/songwriters as a composer, producer, and arranger for numerous independent projects.  Still, his passion for music extends beyond the business, and he is motivated to empower and educate the youth through positive music, which is a reflection of the transformation he has experienced personally.  Konscious believes music is not only a valuable tool for personal growth, but he recognizes the critical role music has played throughout history in transforming culture.  “Nearly every revolution to ever succeed has always had meaningful music at the center, driving the movement.