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Nov. 28th – Marya Stark’s “The Garden” LA Album Release Party


::: Lu Fam Pro & Marya Stark Presents :::

“The Garden” LA Album Release Party


~ Marya Stark ~
From the sunny coast of Santa Cruz, California, singer-songwriter Marya Stark emerges from Gadgetbox Studios, where she and producer Andy Zenzack have been chiseling away for over a year to delicately craft this sonic delight. Marya’s debut album “The Garden” is a collection of 13 songs ranging in influence from classical aria, pop music, and cinematic indie folk. Each song blossoms, carving its own unique aesthetic world. The record features lush string arrangements, pounding orchestral drum sections and Queen-styled vocal harmonies. At the center of it all is Marya’s refined, hypnotic and enchanting voice weaving intelligent, honest and lucid stories. Her hope-filled anthems, dynamic musicality and expansive emotional landscapes show the many facets of a passionate, awakening heart.


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Maesyn oozes music -it is the fiber of her movements. She sings, whistles, plays violin, guitar & piano, writes music, composes string arrangements, & beatboxes. She is a passionate producer and oversees every nuance of her creations. She also is a video editor and makes her own organic music videos. She is an avid advocate for health, raw food, and yoga.

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