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Oct. 16th – Marv Ellis + We Tribe, Trill Murray / Speaker Series w/ Brother Echo


Lu Fam Pro presents the Luminous Movement at Zanzibar in Santa Monica! This week features Dubstep, Bass, Trap, Glitch, and Hip Hop musical offerings from MARV ELLIS + We Tribe, TRILL MURRAY, Henry Pope, and Aire Redtree!!!

We are also happy to announce the new Luminous Speaker Series Pre-Party & Potluck, 6pm at the LOVE DOME in Venice! Special guest speaker this week is BROTHER ECHO….



- 6pm at The Love Dome – 200 Lincoln Blvd. Venice, CA. Please arrive on time, speaker begins promptly at 7pm. 

- $10 to $20 suggested love offering to support the speakers, the intention, and the venue. 

- Please bring a vegan dish or food offering to share with the community and enjoy an amazing group discussion.

- Special Guest Speaker: BROTHER ECHO

~ Theme: The Confidence To Love Yourself

Brother Echo is rapidly becoming a household name and well respected voice in a wide array of eclectic circles. The reason for the rapid and exponential growth in Brother Echo’s popularity is because he is striking a chord with many people by way of his authenticity, transparency and informatively animated delivery and charisma. Brother Echo is many things; a raw food chef, juicing guru, cleanse and detox expert, inspired writer, producer, host, entrepreneur and entertainer. All these titles and attributes are respectable in their own right, but above all Brother Echo is a motivational speaker and healer whose story of recovery, healing and transformation appeals to all people from all walks of life.


~ LUMINOUS MOVEMENT Every Wednesday Night! ~ 

- 9pm at Zanzibar – 1301 5th St. Santa Monica, CA

- $10 Admission – 21 & Up.

~ Performances By…

- MARV ELLIS + We Tribe

Marv Ellis has been a pioneer for authentic NW hip hop music. His lyrics encompass the realm of deep thinking that we all sometimes drift to. He tackles the tough, honest concepts that most musicians avoid. His self-taught production skills have been on the cutting edge since 2000, including layering real instrumentation over homemade beats that show his international influences. He can remix any genre and manipulate it to become part of his reality. Making it sound good in your stereo. His ear for incorporating the right tone at the right time has led him to collaborations with some of the west coast’s best and brightest stars. The root of his lyrical talent comes from a different place. His education in a Spanish-speaking school developed his word-bending and explosive speech. Being taught how to rap by a Swiss German emcee showed him the value of universal tone and word placement: that how you say it is only half the battle. This practice eventually led to the critically-acclaimed flow of the Oregon born emcee. Marv Ellis loves to inspire the youth with advice and wisdom. At the same time he gives the people on the dance floor something to move to. And he never forgets about the lonely nature of humanity, making songs that fill that empty space. At the end of the day he just wants to leave his mark of inspiration, positivity, and awareness on the good people of Earth.


TRiLL MURRAY is arguably one of the hottest up-and-coming producers on the scene. He combines the authentic trance synths and foghorns used so widely in dubstep with the half-step crunkification of South American rap music. Churning out intricate ethereal melodies polished, conceived and intelligent. TRiLL is on his way to becoming a household name. While his true identity remains a mystery to the public it is obvious that this young producer has been experienced in making music and has found a niche creating original catchy music for the masses. TRiLL likes to think of his music as a Sexual Journey through space filled with heart churning 808s and epic melodies that can only be described as “True and Real” TRiLLs name is derived from the musical term “Trill” which is described as a quaver, warble, or shake, a rapid succession of sounds, and his fascination and idolization for actor Bill Murray.

*** Additional DJ Sets and Support By:





*** Hosted by J Brave of the Luminaries. 

*** Resident DJ Amore One of the Luminaries 

*** Resident MC Freewill of the Luminaries 

*** Guest Host Clayton Joseph Scott 

*** Neko Tesla



*** Keep up with us on facebook, and join our mailing list at:

*** We encourage you to arrive early, find parking, and be part of this magical evening of music, intention, and community. 

*** Kombucha 2000 and Starfire Water will be sold at the bar, including all your favorite alcoholic beverages. 

*** 21+ ID required by ALL who enter the club

*** Please do not light incense or sage in the club, outside ok.

*** For vending, or painting opportunities email:

*** Check out music from the conscious hip hop collective the Luminaries

**** Go here to check out upcoming Lu Fam Pro events!



- Elevate 
- Cafe Gratitude 
- Euphoria Loves Rawvolution 
- The Love Dome 
- Source Spiritual 
- Mystic Journey Bookstore 
- Natural Leaders Foundation 
- Tribal Sessions 
- Starfire Water 
- Kombucha 2000
- Agape Spiritual Center 
- The Venice Love Shack 



We are all luminous beings having a human experience. Come be a part of this weekly community gathering intended to activate the human potential of who and what you truly are. Accompanied by the sounds of today’s most revered festival touring artists, local acts, electronic & world beat Djs, and an assortment of positive live performers from all genres. Come as you are, connect with the tribe, and just like the ceremonies around the fire get open to the sounds of the drum. Through movement and playful celebration, we encourage you to activate yo booty chakra and awaken on the dance floor! 


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