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Sept. 18th – Karsh Kale, Fabian Alsultany, & Dj Drez | Luminous Movement




A night dedicated to UNITING the GLOBAL BASS and WORLD MUSIC community, we bring you a celebration designed to activate the inner core of your being to the sounds of dance alchemy…

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Described by Billboard Magazine as a “visionary composer and producer”, Karsh Kale is one of global music’s brightest stars. In the past 12 years as a solo recording artist, producer, composer, live performer and DJ, Karsh has set the world of electronic fusion on fire and has helped to create a genre of new music and culture that continues to influence an entire generation. His body of work has been cause for fans and critics alike to claim Kale as a pioneer and a trail blazer, not only opening doors for his own career but for an entire scene to emerge in the world of electronica and fusion music. Karsh Kale has also developed a reputation as a genre bending collaborator and a world renowned tabla player and musician, exploring the worlds of electronica, Indian classical music, rock, jazz fusion and hip hop which has led him to work with some of the most renowned artists from around the globe. Kale continues to reinvent his ever-evolving sound and has established himself as one of the worlds most sought after fusion artists.


DJ Fabian Alsultany was initiated into the DJ world as a teenage New York City club kid in the late ’80s. For over 20 years DJ Alsultany has performed his tribalistic musical alchemy at major festivals, world class nightclubs and venues, conferences and yoga/retreat centers across Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, India, the Caribbean, and North and South America. Creating the city’s hottest international music DJ collective, Globesonic Soundsystem, in 2000, Alsultany performs with an uncanny sense for musical wizardry and an irrepressible ambition to infuse the national music scene with eclectic, worldly beats and universal rhythms, causing Billboard Magazine to dub him the “World Music Impresario.” Alsultany has served in executive positions with Putumayo World Music and Palm Pictures, alongside industry legend Chris Blackwell, founded and produced the 2012 Tadasana Festival of Yoga and Music in Los Angeles, produced and guided the creation of dozens of albums, remixes and compilations (including his latest, Yoga Lounge, released by White Swan Records to significant fan acclaim), and continues to tour the world as a highly sought-after DJ, performer, event promotor and music/event business entrepreneur. Alsultany has shared the stage with world-renowned artists, such as Thievery Corporation, Bassnectar, Michael Franti, Brazilian Girls, Macy Gray, Jamiroquai and more. His broad aesthetic transitions smoothly between smoke-filled dance clubs, shamanic retreats and massive outdoor music festivals.


Drez delves into blending yesterday’s roots with the innovative urban beats of today. His gradual evolution from Hip Hop DJ to World Music Taste Maker has blossomed a litany of accomplishments that have garnered Drez the title as one of the highest ranking DJs and producers in LA’s underground music scene. When he isn’t in the studio producing, spinning at some underground Hip Hop club, or having impromptu late night jam sessions with local artists, you might find him on his mat. Drez is a certified yoga instructor who teaches privately in Los Angeles and spends time helping fellow musicians with their yoga practice at home and when away on tour. In addition, you will see him djing yoga retreats and world music festivals from Europe to Asia or catch the latest on his accomplishments in the pages of magazines ranging from The Source to Yoga Journal. None of this is unusual for a true renaissance man like DJ Drez.

:::: GLOBESONIC ::::

THE GLOBESONIC SOUND SYSTEM was founded in NYC in the summer of 1999 by music impresario Fabian Alsultany. Focusing on representing the modernization of world music, GlobeSonic Sound System is a DJ collective spinning a high-energy ecstatic dance celebration of the earth’s musical heritage, weaving traditional music with modern aesthetics. “The music is a reflection of the commonalities between cultures, and the vast richness of our planetary heritage”, says founder Fabian Alsultany. “Our work is not only to get the dance floor moving, but to also stimulate a deep sense of planetary unity through music and dance.”

Their parties have become legendary in the breadth of music and ease of transition they make between country, culture and continent. The DJ collective consists of Fabian Alsultany, Bill Bragin (Director of Outdoor Programming at Lincoln Center) and author/yoga instructor Derek Beres. The trio has taken their musical aesthetic to clubs, festivals and special events internationally in locations such as Singapore, Israel, Egypt, Lebanon, Brazil, France, England and Mexico. They have held residencies and produced special events at nightclubs, festivals, fashion events, spiritual gatherings, museums and art galleries both in New York City and throughout the world.


*** Hosted by J Brave of the Luminaries. 

*** Live Visuals by Abhi Thati

*** Resident DJ Amore One of the Luminaries 

*** Resident MC Freewill of the Luminaries 

*** Guest Host Clayton Joseph Scott 

*** Resident Performance Artsits: The Electric Fairy Hoopers


*** Lu Fam Pro presents the Luminous Movement, a weekly music event held every Wednesday at Zanzibar.

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*** We encourage you to arrive early, find parking, and be part of this magical evening of music, intention, and community. 

*** Kombucha 2000 and Starfire Water will be sold at the bar, including all your favorite alcoholic beverages. 

*** Doors 9pm, $13 cover all night. Tickets available at door.

*** 21+ ID required by ALL who enter the club

*** Please do not light incense or sage in the club, outside ok.

*** Location: Zanzibar 1301 5th St. Santa Monica, CA 

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